Burger King Whopper Sandwich: Price, Calories and Types

The Burger King Whopper Sandwich has been the most popular meal for decades. With the help of the catchy advertising jingle, it has reached every household. With juiciest grilled beef patties and the most extensive menu in the fast food industry, they are able to surpass all competitors.

What Is A Whopper Sandwich?

Whopper sandwich is Burger King’s crowning achievement. Serving flame-broiled meat with a unique flavor, unlike most burgers, the whopper does not contain cheese, the flavor comes from the succulent patty and buttery bun. 

In 1957, the company began selling whopper sandwiches for 37 cents.

By definition, a whopper is something enormous. By naming their sandwiches whopper, the company also intended to convey that their sandwiches are larger than those of their competitors.

According to one of the ad campaigns by Burger King, there are 221,184 ways to have a Whopper.

Burger King has the largest menu in fast food, and its limited menu recipes include whopper recipe, whopper sandwich, whopper Jr, Angry whopper, California fresh whopper, Windows 7 whopper, and many others. 

Whopper Sandwich

A Whopper sandwich has flame grilled beef patty with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, onions, pickles on a toasted sesame bun.

One Whopper Sandwich at Burger King contains around 691 calories.

Whopper sandwich with cheese

Burger king slogan have it your way is the reason, you are allowed to have any burger with additions of either Cheese or Beefacon. This Whopper sandwich with cheese is a customized regular whopper with a cheese slice.

Double Whopper Sandwich

A double whopper sandwich has two flame grilled beef patties, double patties with double taste experience with added tomatoes, mayo, pickles, ketchup, onions and lettuce.

One single Double Whopper Sandwich contains around 919 calories.

Triple Whopper Sandwich

With three flame grilled beef patties, tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce, mayo and ketchup in a sesame toasted bun is the most filling whopper.

Whopper Junior

This is a smaller version of a regular whopper with the same recipe but targeted to fill kids hunger. This whopper junior also comes with a meal option.

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Whopper burger Types

How Much Is A Whopper At Burger King?

A Whopper at Burger King price starts at $5.89 for a regular Whopper and goes up to $8.89 for a Triple Whopper and a Whopper Jr for $3.19.  Along with whopper, they offer lot of other variants of the burger like Cheeseburger at $1.89 for a regular Cheeseburger to $3.49 for Bacon double cheeseburger, Big king and Bacon king for $4.49 & $8.29, Whopper melt from $5.09 for a Classic melt to $5.29 for a Spicy melt.

Burger NamePrice
Double Whopper$7.39
Triple Whopper$8.89
Impossible Whopper$6.69
Whopper Junior $3.19
Classic Melt$5.09
Bacon Melt$5.89
Spicy Melt$5.29
Big King$4.49 ( with added bacon, $5.09)
Bacon King$8.29
Cheese Burger$1.89
Double Cheese Burger$2.79
Bacon Cheese Burger$2.49
Bacon Double Cheese Burger$3.49
Rodeo Burger$1.49

What Is An Impossible Whooper? 

Impossible Burger is a vegetable burger sold by Burger King. Introduced in 2019, it contains soy protein concentrate, potato protein, and soy protein isolate for protein balance, as well as plant fiber, modified food starch, vitamins, minerals, simple sugars, flavor enhancers, and a specific molecule called heme. Which has been designed to taste like a Whopper.

Burger King grills this veggie burger and non vegetarian burgers on the same broiler, however it is popular. If you are a firm vegan or vegetarian, request an impossible microwave veggie burger.

How Much Is A Whopper Meal At Burger King?

Whopper meal at burger king is a combination of whopper burger, choice of any side and choice of any drink. The prices differ in each state, but it is easy to check this before you go to the store. Burger King has detailed pricing about whopper meals for every state. 

Meal NameMeal Price( Small – Large)
Whopper Meal$8.79 – $10.54
Double Whopper Meal$9.89 – $11.64
Triple Whopper Meal$10.99 – $10.99
Impossible Whopper Meal$9.79 – $11.54
Whopper Junior Meal$5.89 – $7.64

Will Burger King Do A Lettuce Wrap?

Burger King does sell burgers wrapped in lettuce that skip the bun, ketchup, and sauce for the keto diet. Burger King provides keto diet-friendly options by serving any burger, whopper, or burrito excluding items that may violate the keto diet.

Burger King Sauces

What Sauces Does Burger King Have?

Burger King has 6 types of sauces like Zesty, BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard, Mustard, Ranch, Buffalo and a secret Whopper sauce.


Zesty sauce is a mixture of mayonnaise, prepared horseradish, vinegar, ketchup and spices


BBQ sauce is a dark brown colored sauce, a balance of sweet, salt and spice

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & sour sauce is made of sugar, water, vinegar, pineapple juice concentrate, cornstarch and spices

Honey Mustard

Honey mustard is a mixture of honey, mayonnaise and dijon mustard


Ranch sauce is a favorite salad dressing since years, it is made by using buttermilk, garlic, onion, mayonnaise, salt, mustard and spices


Buffalo sauce is a mixture of water, vinegar, soybean oil, cayenne pepper sauce, corn syrup, eggs and milk

Secret Whopper Sauce

This secret whopper sauce is used in making whopper sandwiches, but the recipe is not known. It might be the mixture of ketchup, mayonnaise, onion and pickles

What Are Sodium Levels In Whopper Sandwich And Whopper With Cheese?

The sodium level in Whopper sandwiches is less than 200 mg but the Sodium levels in Whopper with cheese is 570 mg. The majority of the salt comes from cheese, compare the sodium levels of a whopper sandwich and a whopper sandwich with cheese. Simply adding cheese increases sodium levels by over 570 mg. Sodium is added to food to improve flavor, texture, and to suppress microbial growth. 

According to the FDA, low sodium is considered ≤115mg and high sodium is ≥460mg.

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