Burger King Gift Card: Redeem BK Crown Card

Burger King gift cards make excellent gifts, and they may be delivered directly to the recipient. The physical card is basic and comes pre-loaded with a value. Most stores accept gift cards at the drive-through and indoors.

Burger King gift cards, while convenient, are still a useful present.

Burger King gift cards, often known as BK Gift cards, is a collective term for BK eGift, Gift Tokens, and BK Crown Card Gift cards. 

What is BK Crown Card?

The Burger King Gift Card which is also called the BK Crown Card, is a plastic card used to make payments at participating BK locations. The BK Crown Card can be used to make purchases on the app and website as well. 

These BK cards are exclusively available in the United States and Canada. Which cannot be shipped or used in any other country.

The BK crown card has no value until it is activated at the Burger King register. These gift cards can be ordered online from www.bkcrowncard.com for personal, business, and bulk orders.

BK gift card bulk orders can be either eGift cards or BK crown cards (plastic cards). These are redeemable at any participating location, have no expiration date, and have no dormancy costs, which will aid with volume discounts. 

The bulk order should be worth more than $1000. The bulk BK Crown Card gift card worth less than $1000 will be available through self-service online ordering. These can be ordered in the same way that eGift cards are.

These BK gift card crown cards are a practical gift option that can be used in drive-thrus and in stores, and they are not only quick but also simple to use.

These BK crown cards can be emailed.

Burger King’s Golden Crown Card

The BK Golden Crown Card is a lifetime of free food at Burger King. This golden crown card cannot be ordered online. The Burger King team only gives these cards to selected members.

Only 12 people in the world have these BK Golden Crown cards.

This Burger King Golden Crown card offers unlimited food, lifetime access, and zero charges.

Burger King eGift Card

Burger King eGift Cards are a way to share the love of whopper with your loved ones. Just with a few simple clicks, send them the egift card loaded with the desired amount and with the appropriate message on it. 

The eGift Card has options for different occasions like Birthdays, Celebrations, and appreciation.

For example, BK eGift card options are Thank You, – you’re Golden, and – with a Side of Fries, I owe you one. And for other occasions, there is an onion ring virtual card with mouth watering, sweet taste of success ice cream virtual card and a relish the moment virtual card. 

Also read about www.MyBKExperience.Com Survey and get a free whopper.

Types of BK eGift Cards

How To Redeem Burger King Gift Card?

The Burger King eGift cards can be redeemed online, and the BK Crown Card gift card can be redeemed at drive thru and in stores. Just present the BK Crown card to the cashier at the time of payment, and the amount on the card will be used to deduct for the food.

To redeem Burger King egift cards or gift tokens, give the cashier the 16 digit code and show the code on your phone or in printed format. The same code can be used to redeem it online by visiting the website.

One way to earn crown points is by registering yourself at Burger King’s royal perks. This will ultimately get you cash back. For every $10  spent, 1 crown point is added to your account. And 1 crown point is equal to 1 dollar. 

Royal perks also offer a few other benefits, such as 2X bonus crowns in birthday month and free upsizes of coffee, fries, hash browns, or drinks. 

How To Redeem BK Gift Card Online?

A Burger King gift card can be redeemed online using a mobile app or website. Visit “My Code” and select “Add Reward and Offer”. The website to use a BK gift card is www.bk.com.

How to Activate Burger King Gift Card?

To activate and use the Burger King gift card, after ordering food online and reaching the payment page, select “ add new payment method”, then click on “Add BK crown card”, enter the gift card code here or the card’s 16 digit number, and hit save. The next time you order food, use this card for payment.

To use the BK gift card plastic card at any participating BK restaurants, just present the gift card when asked for payment. It will get activated, and payment will go through.

Burger King Gift Card Balance Information

Burger King gift card balances can be checked very easily online with just a few steps.

Where To Check My Burger King Gift Card Balance?

Check your Burger King gift card balance by going to www.bk.com/crowncard.

steps to check BK gift card balance

  • Visit www.bk.com/crowncard 
  • Select “Check BK Crown Balance.”
  • Enter 16 digit BK Crown Card Number
  • Enter the registered email ID. This will ensure that you get balance update on your email ID
  • Select “Check Balance.”
  • This page will show you the exact balance available in your card

Another way to know your card balance is by asking the cashier to tell you the available balance or by contacting Burger King’s customer support team and asking for the available card balance.

I personally think checking your BK gift card balance online is the simplest way.

How to Get a Free Burger King Gift Card?

Burger King doesn’t charge for gift cards. However, the balance in the card should be loaded by the user. The only way to get a free burger king gift card is by getting it at as a gift from someone.

To get a free whopper at Burger King, though, you simply have to take a My BKExperience survey at www.mybkexperience.com. 

Burger King eGift Card Deals

A BK eGift is an online BK Crown Card. BK eGifts are non-reloadable and delivered as a sixteen-digit code through email or on the recipient’s social media page, including Facebook. 

At Participating Restaurants, you must show a staff member the sixteen-digit code on your smartphone or in print to redeem BK eGifts. BK eGift account numbers should be protected. Sharing your account number allows anyone to redeem your BK eGift without losing its value. 

This card cannot be exchanged for cash unless required by law.

One of the best BK gift card deals is to order it on Amazon for someone. It comes loaded, is easy to use, and is a gift that is always good in taste.

This comes in two different packs one with $25 called the Whopper Card and the other, which can be loaded anywhere between $15-$100 called the Classic Card.

The other way to send someone a BK gift card is by email, these are called eGift Cards.

Sending a  Burger King eGift card to someone is just a few clicks away. Select the amount to load the card, anywhere between $15-$500 and enter the email ID to send this to. The best part is, you can even add a message with your name in it. Select the delivery date, and it will reach their inbox by 12 a.m. 

How to Reload Burger King Gift Cards?

The burger king brown card gift card can be reloaded online

  • Visit www.bk.com/crowncard page
  • Select “Reload a BK Crown Card”
  • Enter 16 digit crown card number
  • Hit next
  • Enter email ID, first name, last name and the amount to add to the balance
  • Select “Reload BK Crown Card.”
  • Check the details and select “Checkout”
  • Enter the payment details
  • Select “Submit Order”
  • This process will take 4 hours to load the card with money
  • Check the balance after 4 hours or you will also receive an email for the same

The card can be loaded up to a maximum of $500. Any amount more than this cannot be loaded to the card online. But it may help to visit the nearest Burger King store for the same.

How to Transfer Balance From Burger King Gift Cards?

The transfer of balances from Burger King gift cards is not possible. The cards can be used individually for payments at any BK store, in the app, or on the website.

Do Burger King Gift Cards Expire?

The Burger King gift cards do not expire. The best part about BK gift cards is that they do not require any money to purchase them. The only amount paid is to load the card.

How to Add Burger King Gift Card to App?

Add a BK crown card gift card to your account online using these simple steps

  • Visit www.bk.com
  • Sign in to your account using your email ID
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left
  • Click on “Payment Methods”
  • Click on “Add a Crown Card”
  • Enter the 16 digit crown card number
  • Click on “Save and Continue”

The next time you order online, just use the BK Crown Card payment method to order food.


How to Get BK Crown Card?

A Burger King crown card can be purchased at a BK store or online at www.bk.com/crowncard.

  • Visit www.bk.com/crowncard
  • Select “Purchase a BK Crown Card”
  • See the preview of the card, then click on next step
  • Personalize your crown card
  • Enter the desired amount to load
  • Enter quantity
  • Make it a gift for someone or enter a name for yourself ( you can add a little message to send a Bk crown card as gift card to someone)
  • Add shipping details
  • Click on “Add to Cart”
  • Shipping charges apply at a minimum of $0.49 for USPS mail and $11 for FedEx Overnight
  • Mention “Payment details”
  • Click Submit

How to Use BK Gift Card

A Burger King gift card can be used online on the BK website, in the app, and in any participating Burger King stores.

What are BK Crown Card Program’s Available Locations?

All the Burger King branches in North America participate in the BK Crown card program. Check online with the nearest store to know exactly if the store has a crown card program.

Why is BK Crown Card Not Working?

If your Burger King crown card is not working, call 18663942493 for assistance. The customer support team at Burger King will help you get a replacement card after getting all the information. The new BK Crown Card will reach you within 7-10 days of approval from the company. 

If the Burger King crown card gift card says “unable to use” when trying to make a payment at any store, the card may have become old or demagnetized. In such instances, call 18663942493 for assistance. With the help of your 16 digit card number, the customer support team at Burger King will be able to know the available balance and replace the new card at the earliest.

Some stores do not accept the BK Crown Card for a simple reason as the card is not physically present with you. In any such case, ask manager to help and the transaction can be made possible.

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