How Much Does Burger King Pay Per Hour? (2023)

Burger King has about 7000 locations in the United States as of 2023. And as they continue to expand at this rate, there is always a chance for new full time employees and part time jobs.

It is crucial to understand how much Burger King pays its employees, although there are many different responsibilities in the restaurant. And the salary structure varies by role.

The entry level employee is how any newcomer can join at the age of 16 and advance to the position of general manager.

Burger King Hourly Pay and Part Time Wage Details

How Much Burger King Pay An Hour?

Burger King’s average hourly wage for a team member or entry-level employee is $9.86. Burger King full-time employees work an average of 40 hours each week. This equates to a weekly wage of $395.  Employees at Burger King can have positions such as Cook, Team Member, Service Worker, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, and General Manager.

The details of Burger King hourly pay for all employees are listed below.

Burger King Employee PositionHourly Pay
Service Worker$9.21
Team Member (Cashier)$9.86
Burger King Cook$10.31
Shift Manager$13.42
Assistant Manager$14.68
General Manager$15.87
Burger King Salary Details For Different Positions.

When Is Burger King Pay Day?

The burger king pay day is friday morning. BK pays the salary through a prepaid card, and credits salary for every 2 weeks as biweekly basis. Positions such as shift manager, assistant manager and general manager get regular bonuses depending on positive customer review for that franchise, internal quality review and quarterly sales goals criteria met.

Most of the burger king franchise pay their employees weekly wages. But it can subject to change to biweekly depending on the general manager’s discretion. 

The method of pay at burger king is by check and a direct deposit into your account.

Employees have an app called BK Gateway that will help them with the exact calculation of the pay, amount of hours worked that week and amount credited.

Does Burger King Pay Overtime?

Burger king does not have a seperate payment option for overtime employees. They do not have any policy of overtime, every full time employee works for 40 hours a week and part time employee will work for 25 hours per week. 

If and the time gets beyond the weekly working hours, they are eligible to legally get paid by the company. This is sole descrition of the store manager to make employees work overtime or find a part time employee for the rush hour.

What is Burger King Pay Stub Portal?

Burger king pay stub portal is Money Network Pay Stub Portal. Employees can easily access this portal at A first time user will need to register with employee ID, Social Security Number and date of birth. Every other time to login, you just need the employee ID and PIN number.

This allows all the burger king employees to understand the pay structure, record of their earnings, taxes, contributions, deductions and reassures the employees that they are getting paid correctly.

Can Burger King Employees Accept Tips?

As a Burger King policy, it is not allowed to accept tips by any employee. But these rules change according to the franchise policies. Some managers may look the other way when people tip. Specially during holiday season when the employees are working their shift instead of celebrating at home.

But as a policy they do not acept tips because as per law Burger King is a self serving establishment where staff do not provide personalized service to customers. And the pay scale includes a full hourly payment for the work they do.

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Benefits Of Burger King Employees

The fast food giant Burger King provides great benefits to their employees. From insurance, leave options and financial perks. Some of these might be applicable to only for those in managerial positions.

There is a big list of BK emplyee benefits.

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Adpotion Assistance with Leave
  • Paid Time Off
  • Free drinks while working
  • Growth opportunities

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working at Burger King

There are many benefits to working for a big restaurant chain Burger King but, upon talking to a lot of present and ex employees of the restaurant. Compiled a list of pros and cons of working st Burger King.

Pros of Being Burger King Employee

  • Employee Discounts
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Good Salary

Cons of Being Burger King Employee

  • Physically Demanding
  • Repetitive Work
  • Stressful Work Environment
  • No Retirement Plan
  • Smell of Food all the time

Burger King Pay In Different States

The burger king pay is different in differen states. The highest paid state is California, which pays 21% more than the National average, while lowest is Alabama. Though there is only a couple of dollars difference in hourly pay, as a cummulative weekly pay, there is a huge difference.

Burger King Hourly pay for the top 6 states in highest number of BK stores in the US.

Burger King StoresAverage Hourly Pay


Does Burger King Pay Daily?

Burger king does not pay its wages daily. The pay is calculated as per the hours worked and are paid weekly or biweekly on friday morning. The payment by direct deposit will be credited by 0600 AM and the other payment mode is check.

What Position Pays the Most at Burger King?

Burger king pays its highest salary to general manager of every branch, which can also be called as store manager. The average pay of any store manager at Burger King is $15.87 per hour.

Though this position earns the highest, the store manager also has the responsibility of recruiting staff, monitoring their work, training and supervising staff, maintaining the store financial records, smooth operations, timely order taking and delivery, dealing with customer complaints, maximising productivity, and reaching quarterly goals. Which is quite a stressful work.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Burger King?

Burger King entry level employee can be of any age from 16. However few franchise owners do take a call to hire people over 17 or 18 only. The age criteria to hire entry  level employees is solely depended on franchise.

A growth opportunity is presented to people only above 18 years old.

How Much Does Burger King Pay For 14 Year Olds?

Burger King does not  hire 14 year olds to work at the restaurant chain.

How Much Does Burger King Pay For 16 Year Olds?

Burger King does not have any change in pay for 16 year olds specially. The 16 year old working as an entry level team member gets paid the same as 18 year old. But 16 year olds are only allowed to work for 3-4 hours per day and 18 year olds work for 6-8 hours.

Although there is no difference in hourly pay, the impact on number of working hours for a 16 year olds and others is more.

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